"DOG" A short film trailer

Bert loses his dog and then loses control. 

The Light of My Town

An interview with the owner of Fresch Electric leads to a reflection on his past and the past of the town he lives in. Narration by Albert Fresch. 

Sandusky. Ohio. Winter.

A short narrative about our area starring Zane Maughmer and Elyse Turton. Downtown Sandusky is such a special place and we're inspired everyday by the people who work to nurture its growth. Some of those same people helped make our little video possible:

Merry-Go-Round Museum
Erik's Clothing for Men
Brick Gallery Ltd.
Mr. Smith's Coffee House
The Hearth Tavern at ZINC brasserie
Musicians' Alley
The Port of Sandusky
Sherrie Waddington
Lance Warner
Thanks for opening your doors to us. It means a lot.

King of Palookaville Trailer

King of Palookaville is a dark comedy set across the backdrop of the upper Mid-West. After Rob broadcasts his suicidal thoughts to everyone he knows, his few remaining friends decide to accompany him on a road trip to his brother's wedding.

This is the Amber

A short film featuring Zane Maughmer, John Williamson, and Lauren Rhodes. A young man struggles with finding himself in a world of callous people and misunderstanding.  

Town Go Boom

Based in Sandusky Ohio, Town Go Boom is about a man who reminisces about his town in its prime and encourages a renaissance led by its inhabitants.


Barrack Obama Visits Sandusky

A creative piece using our president's words against images of the beautiful Sandusky Ohio.

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